organizations and institutions

Capitalize the full names or organizations and institutions: the American Medical Association; First Presbyterian Church; General Motors Corp.; Harvard University, Harvard University Medical School; the Procrastinators Club; the Society of Professional Journalists.

Retain capitalization if Co., Corp. or a similar word is deleted from the full proper name: General Motors. See company; corporation; and incorporated.

SUBSIDIARIES: Capitalize the names of major subdivisions: the Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors.

INTERNAM ELEMENTS: Use lowercase for internal elements of an organization when they have names that are widely used generic terms: the board of directors of General Motors, the board of trustees of Columbia University, the history department of Harvard University, the sports department of the Daily Citizen-Leader.

Capitalize internal elements of an organization when they have names that are not widely used generic terms: the General Assembly of the World Council of Churches, the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association, the House of Bishops and House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church.

FLIP-FLOPPED NAMES: Retain capital letters when commonly accepted practice flops a name to delete the word of: College of the Holy Cross, Holy Cross College; Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard Dental School.

Do not, however, flop formal names that are known to the public with the word of: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for examples, not Massachusetts Technology Institute.

ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS: Some organizations and institutions are widely recognized by their abbreviations: Alcoa, GOP, NAACP, NATO. For guidelines on when such abbreviations may be used, see the individual listings and the entries under abbreviations and acronyms and second reference.